Author: darshana

Epoxy adhesives adhere to a wide variety of materials and their properties are dependent upon the specific chemistry of the system and the nature of the cross-linking available.

Epoxy based coating technology provides great advantages in preventing rust and corrosion on vehicles body and key metal parts.

The majority of epoxy resins found in the energy sector are used in wind turbines. They are largely employed in composites and adhesives needed to produce wind rotor blades and other structural elements. They have made it possible to steadily increase the diameter of wind blades

Epoxy coatings are popular because they provide a quick drying, tough and protective coating for metals and other materials, some of the main epoxy coating uses include :

Epoxies are used to bond concrete to itself or to steel or to stone, as in monument restoration. Applied as paints, liquid pastes, or mortars containing epoxies to produce resilient, industrial floor covering.