We are one of the pioneer suppliers of Phenalkamine Curing Agents, they are derived from Cardanol and its derivatives. Cardanol is a natural phenol obtained from the main component of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and therefore it is a green product. It is a natural product amine which enables to cure at low temperatures.

Advantages :

  • Excellent fast cure at low temperatures, even below 0°C
  • Less susceptible to carbonation
  • Good adhesion to damp surfaces
  • No critical mixing ratios
  • Resistance to wide variety of Chemicals
  • High solids or solvent less coatings
  • Low VOC
  • Surface tolerant
  • Rapid recoating interval
  • Non blushing properties
  • Improves productivity, energy saving and faster stability

Light Coloured Phenalkamines : Phenalkamines have a reputation of being dark in colour or only usable in dark shades, however we also offer light coloured phenalkamines with colours as low as polyamides.